Who We Are

Kenzie Immaculate Foundation (KIF) is a development charity based in the United States of America, operating in Africa. The foundation works to improve the lives of vulnerable children, youth, and widows by supporting community programs.

The Kenzie Immaculate Foundation is a Bernard and Peninnah initiative in honor of the life of their daughter Mackenzie Mulindwa.

Kenzie, as she was called, lived to serve and put a smile on people’s faces through her integrity and creativity.

Even while battling Sickle Cell Anemia in the hospital making and selling bracelets, her entrepreneurial spirit was resolved that even small acts could change lives.

Though Mackenzie, lost the battle to Sickle Cell Anemia in 2018, her banner flies high through the foundation when we help the most vulnerable transform their lives by engaging in small yet impactful activities.

Guided by our values, led by a diverse and experienced team, we are providing good shelter to vulnerable children, helping the youth chart a path to their future and empowering vulnerable women with skills and capital to start small businesses – all with the faith that they can break free from the shackles of poverty.

Our Mission

To bring hope and change the lives of the vulnerable.

Our Vision

Kenzie Immaculate Foundation sees an empowered self-sustaining generation living free from the inhibition of poverty.

Our Values

Integrity. – upholding the highest standards and ethics in our actions.

Respect. – value and encouraging wellbeing.

Diversity. -embracing differences as a valuable asset.

Collaboration. -working together to exceed expectations.

Excellence. – a pursuit commitment to creating positive differences.


For $35 A Month You Can Change Someone's Life!

When you support Kenzie Immaculate Foundation with your financial resources you feed hungry children, give youth a future and empower women.