Youth support

Our Goal

Nurturing a generation of responsible citizens.

Our Reality

The Problem

Unemployment, Poverty, Gender-based inequities are a few of the problems the youth in Uganda face.

Official data show that 13% of youth are unemployed, but the numbers we see on the ground are much higher. Either way, Uganda has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In a country with the youngest population (aged 15-30) in the world, it is foolish to ignore the data.

Though the Government is committed to the empowerment of the youth, a lot of its efforts leak through the cracks of corruption and incompetence leaving the youth marginalized and desperate.

With the biggest portion of the population saddled in poverty, many are forced into crime and prostitution and other inhumane acts to cope and survive.

What We Are Doing About It

We are on the ground working with local communities to empower and equip the youth with skills and resources they need to thrive.

Through interventions designed to deliver the most impact, we advocate and work towards a generation that’s self reliant and responsible.

Intervention Areas

Areas that have the highest impact in the community

Skills development

Skills Development

We help youth acquire skills that get them out of poverty into self-reliant citizens. Our skills development program focuses on on-demand skills that the job market needs and skills that invoke the entrepreneurial spirit in the youth to create jobs.

KIF Internship

Internship Program

Our Internship and job placements program matches youth to businesses for real world application of the knowledge and skills they acquire from formal education.

KIF Rehabiltation

Rehabilitation and Counseling

We offer our young people psychosocial support services both at the homecare facilities and in their communities.

KIF Advocacy


We recognize that it will take a collective effort from the government and the society to stem the problems riddling the youth – we, therefore, educate the masses and advocate for inclusive youth empowerment.

KIF SRHR Services

SRHR Services

We are committed to universal access to Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (SRHR) services to the youth including information and education critical to curbing the spread of HIV and teenage pregnancies.

KIF Mentorship


Under the wings of successful business and religious leaders, our mentorship program builds the capacity of youth to interact with the real world with skills that our education system can not give.

Our Impact

  • Since 2005 we have attached 100 youth to companies with internship opportunities.
  • Through the soccer academy, 30 youth have received full education bursaries


Through projects, we work to transform the youth.

KIF soccer academy

Football Academy

Makuula Home Care

Teenage Mothers Project


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