Women Empowerment

Our Goal

To build the capacity of women to support themselves and end generational poverty.

Our Reality

The Problem

Born into poverty, vulnerable women struggle to shake off the shackles perpetuated by sick cultural practices, discrimination, and gender biases.

Society has for long thought less of women. Instead of taking a girl child to school, they are forced into early marriages.

At every turn, lies another obstacle waiting to keep the woman down. Because of this, a whole society is kept recycling poverty, from one generation to another.

Even with the odds against them, the African woman continues to be the pillar of their homes. Reduced to begging or working low-paying odd jobs, many women have to face some of the harshest human conditions to put food on their tables and keep their families afloat.

KIF children

What We Are Doing About It

We are empowering vulnerable women with vocational skills training and business startup loans.

Intervention Areas

Areas that have the highest impact in the community

KIF Skills Development

Skills Development

We offer vulnerable women vocational, life skills, and business training. We are biased to skills that empower women to start small businesses from which they can make a living.

KIF Small Business Program

Small Business Program

Our small business program is designed to set up women who have gone through our skills development training with start-up capital to launch their businesses.

KIF Advocacy


We rally decision-makers in positions of authority and people of influence in society to take part in conversations on the tough topics most pressing to women.

Our Impact

  • Since 2005 15 women have been through our skills development programme.
  • 10 women have received small business loans