Child care

Our Goal

To provide an environment and opportunity for children to grow and flourish.

Our Reality

The Problem

Social conflicts, Poverty, HIV and AIDS, and many other issues affecting Uganda have left in its trail high mortality rates among children, and those from vulnerable families that survive face a bleak future.

In communities ravaged by the HIV/Aids pandemic most children are orphaned with no one to turn to, so are many others born into families in abject poverty without the means and hope to provide for the children.

In such conditions: children go hungry and malnourished; Education is a luxury, parents, and guardians can’t afford to take children to school, so kids drop out of school forced into the streets or work to share the burden of supporting the family.

Children born into such a life struggle to break free. They circle back to make the same mistakes their parents made, soon they are bringing forth children of their own into the same desperate conditions. And the cycle continues.

KIF children

What We Are Doing About It

We work to bring hope and to improve the lives of vulnerable children in Uganda who have been denied their rights and welfare.

Intervention Areas

Areas that have the highest impact in the community

KIF Health Programme


We provide children in vulnerable communities access to quality medical care, clean water, and essential health care services to prevent death from preventable diseases.

KIF Education Programme


We take vulnerable children to school because we believe education gives children a fighting chance to break out from and end the perpetual cycle of poverty in Uganda.

KIF Home care

Home Care

We pluck vulnerable children from the most deprived communities in Uganda, move them into safe and stimulating environments conducive for a child’s mental and physical well-being.

Our Impact

  • 50 children are getting the best care from our Makuula home
  • 11 homecare homes built around Uganda
  • 400 Children re-enrolled to school


Through projects, we work work to give vulnerable children hope.

Makuula Home Care​