We can't wait to tell Cyrus's family they've got you for a sponsor.


Cyrus has a passion for playing soccer and loves helping around the house.


$35.00 / 30 days

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With a passion for playing soccer and a love of helping around the house, Cyrus makes all our lives better with his easy-going demeanor and constant joy. Cyrus is a Mama’s boy; he loves his mother so much! He has an interest in electrical work and wants to be a pilot, in a few years you’ll hear him from the cockpit greeting you on your travels!



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What will your child receive?

  • Your child will receive an education, health care, and basic needs. Children from very vulnerable communities are moved to our home care facility where they are access a good environment to grow.
  • We support your child’s family and community by extending safe and clean water to neighborhoods, improving sanitation, and awareness campaigns that have a direct impact on the wellbeing of your child.
  • Your child has access to our staff and volunteers who are equipped and committed to the success of your child.
  • A future free from poverty.

What can I expect as a sponsor?

  • We’ll send you a package containing more information about your child and welcoming you to Kenzie Immaculate Foundation.
  • Regular letters, and photos from your child.
  • Monthly updates from us sharing what we are doing and how your support is changing lives.
  • The privilege to visit your child.
  • The joy and blessing of changing a child’s life.


Answers to the frequently asked questions about sponsoring a child.

Search for a child from our online database, if you find one whose interests and needs speak to you connect by following the sponsorship link under the profile of the child. That’s it.

If you would like, we can furnish you with more information about the child and their family or community to help you start your sponsorship journey.

Yes, the child is real. Once you sponsor the child you will exchange communication or even visit the child.

No. We connect one child to one sponsor.

A $35 monthly commitment is the minimum we expect from sponsors.

We strive to see that every beneficiary is empowered to be productive and independent, your continuous sponsorship commitment ensures that in the long term we achieve our goals. Until we see the change we prefer that you commit for as long as you can. Typically, transformation is evident between 10-20 years of sponsoring a child.

Although every once in a while we give cash for the immediate needs of our children, we provide your child with food, clean water, education, healthcare, and basic needs. Additionally, we pool the funds to tackle the major needs around the community the child lives in, that way for every child you sponsor, you impact many other people in their community.

90% of sponsorship funds are channeled directly to run our core programs  for the children, youth, mothers, and their community. The other 10% goes into fundraising and administration.

Sponsoring a child tackles head-on the issues that will keep the child bound in poverty.

Most of the children that need sponsorship are from impoverished families and communities
who don’t have the opportunities to have a meaningful and purposeful life. Sponsorship helps us design and implement programs that uplift the child from poverty.

Ultimately sponsoring a child gives you the satisfaction and joy of changing the future of a child, family, and community.

If you desire to bring hope to a hopeless child and family in Africa, then your desire is aligned to our goal to bring hope and make life-long changes in the lives of the vulnerable.

We tackle the issues through programs and projects designed to improve health care, provide clean water & sanitation, education, empowerment, nutrition, housing, child support, and community

Since 2020, we’ve supported hundreds of children through our programs, and with your support, we will reach all regions in Uganda and then the rest of Africa.